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Father nose kissing his daughter

Every day, we make a member’s day

At American Home Shield, we believe a home warranty is more than a piece of paper or a monthly bill. It’s a state of mind knowing you’re covered when things break down in your home. But don’t just take our word for it. See how AHS home warranties have helped over 2 million members each and every day.

Customer testimonials

See real stories in action

Tiffany T

Tiffany used American Home Shield to repair her AC in her first year of membership—and that was 14 years ago. See why she says AHS is a “great investment.”

Nancy P

Nancy could have faced a big bill to replace her water heater. But, thanks to AHS, she enjoyed a “peace of mind that is priceless.”

Carl F

AHS saves millions of homeowners time and stress knowing their systems are covered, including Carl. “It’s how good you feel about not worrying.”

The word is out. People like us.

Ratings and reviews from satisfied members

I have had a great experience with AHS over the last 7 1/2 years. They cover what they say that they are going to cover on your policy. If you are not satisfied, you can call and they will send someone else out. The wait time for some providers is better than others but overall, I will definitely use them at our next house.

Brenda A. Texas

Everything went smoothly and efficiently. We had a parts delay of a couple weeks, but it is what it is. Overall great!!

Jacob M. California

We are overall very satisfied with American Home Shield. They are prompt and work with decent contractors. We had tons of issues with our previous home warranty company. It was an absolute nightmare and the people they sent were a joke. We are very glad we switched to American Home Shield.

Anna P. California

Great customer service and professional technicians. They explain everything to me and provide feedback. The overall experience was wonderful. I highly recommend AHS.

Dana C. Washington D.C.

Although the process took a long time from start to finish, I was very happy overall. Adam, my plumbing technician was awesome and very helpful and informative in answering all my questions.

Augustin L. California

Overall AHS is a good company to have if you don’t have a lot of money to repair or replace broken systems and appliances in your home. The only thing is some things are not covered depending on the state you live in, but it could be a lot worse.

Regina S. Texas

Overall a good experience with our water heater replacement. Took a bit longer than I would have expected for scheduling, but it was eventually done, and appears to have been installed in a quality manner.

Ryan W. Texas

It was very easy to setup the appointment with AHS. They chose a good electrician to do the job. Overall, very satisfied with AHS.

Robert R. California

Great service! I had my problem way faster than I originally thought and very nice experience overall.

Kacee H. Louisiana

Was very easy to place a service request online. The technician was scheduled and arrived on a timely basis. Unfotunately, he felt that the unit needed to be replaced and AHS offered several reasonable options for the defective unit. Happy overall with the transaction.

Dennis F. South Carolina

Great experience with the technician that came to my home and took care of my water main, he was prompt and knowledgeable and very polite. Great experience overall.

Enrique P. Nevada

Very professional. Texted time of arrival and met it. Overall great experience!

Jon N/A

I submitted for two repair requests and had one completed the same day. The second repair took a bit longer, but the reasoning was understandable (part ordered). Overall, the service received was efficient and professional. We have been with AHS since May 2013, and will continue the business/customer relation.

Johnny V. Texas

Prompt service and the service provider was able to fix our air conditioner issue. Another technician from a different company told us that we would need to replace the system! Thankfully we have a little time before we need to buy a new system! It is not the newest system!

Nancy T. North Carolina

I understand in this world and day and age we're all experiencing part delay issues. However I always recommend AHS to everyone. It's definitely nice to feel like I have someone behind me when an expensive appliance breaks.

Abrianna S. Illinois

Assigned a local company to repair the appliance. Technician arrived early a quickly diagnosed the problem. Fixed and checked for any other issues. Great job.

Gilbert N. Texas

I used my AHS warranty for the first time ever and it was a great experience. Very easy. My dryer was making a knocking noise. The appliance repair company AHS chose had low stars, and I was leery. However, the repairman was wonderful, fixed the issue and was out. I will request that repairman for any other future appliance issues. Thanks AHS!

K.M. N/A

Our ice maker died again prior to us going on vacation. Elite Appliance sent out Ethan, he ordered a new ice maker (our fourth since arriving in Texas) a new fan and a new control center. He tried to get it repaired before our trip and the parts did come the day we left so we scheduled it for when we got back. He was in and out in less than a hour. Very pleased with Elite, we will ask AHS to have them come out for any appliance issues.

Alexis M. California

Have had 2 separate issues with home appliance/HVAC since joining American Home Shield. In both cases the problems were resolved within a reasonable period of time. In one case I did have to escalate, but the end result was satisfactory. The nice thing is there was constant contact via email/text. Would highly recommend that all homeowners join this company for added protection for your home. The monthly fee has already paid for itself many times over.

Roxanne M. N/A

AHS has been a lifesaver. First my outdoor cooling system went out. Accent Heating, their contracted Heating and cooling company came and repaired the system. Several months later, my indoor system went out and it was repaired promptly. Both my units are nearly 20 years old. It didn't matter to them. I have recommended both AHS and Accent heating to my friends!

Joanne A. Washington

HVAC system went out, also had a microwave stop working and pipes leaks under my sink. Made service requests for all items. AHS took care of all of them. Very pleased with their services. Try them, you will like them.

Andy G. N/A

American Home Shield has responded twice recently to problems we reported from our normally comfy condo. The 27-year old appliances gave up. The gas water heater’s burner system retired itself. AHS sent the service company and authorized its replacement. Within weeks, in the heat of summer, the AC gave up. AHS responded quickly, sending the service man to diagnose and repair, helping us keep our cool. Sure, our rates have increased as you might expect; however, the outcomes in service we experienced this year make it a worthy investment.

Steve C. North Carolina

My service technician was timely, knowledgeable & professional. He repaired my oven to "LIKE NEW" condition. he also offered some tips on usage to extend the life of my appliance.

Earl D. Texas

Excellent customer service. Quick and responsive service. Answered my questions immediately through texts and emails. Quality experts who handled my appliance issues, stove and fridge, effieciently and effectively.

Dwayne D. N/A

American Homeshield provided assistance when our air conditioner became inoperable. They were extremely prompt, professional, and attentive to our needs. They dispatched a very competent and knowledgeable HVAC service provider which promptly identified the problem and got our system up and running. I wholeheartedly recommend AHS to all my friends and family.

Karl H. North Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions

A home warranty plan from American Home Shield is worth it if you want to protect your budget from the cost and inconvenience of unexpected breakdowns. A home warranty empowers homeowners to feel confident and in control of their homes. We offer plans that cover the home systems and appliances we rely on every day to keep our homes and lives running smoothly.

Once you purchase a home warranty plan, there is a 30-day activation period before you can start using it and place your first service request. However, if you purchased a real estate plan, your warranty becomes active at closing. Once your plan is active, all you have to do is place a service request for a covered item. We’ll assign a Pro who specializes in your issue. They will contact you to schedule a visit to diagnose the problem and identify a solution. We’ll pay for your covered repair up to your agreement terms and help get you back up and running. It’s that easy!

For Service, please call 1.800.858.1922

For Sales, please call 1.888.682.1043

Only if it is an unknown pre-existing condition or issue. With AHS you get coverage for:

  • Normal wear-and-tear, no matter the age of a covered item 
  • Unknown, pre-existing breakdowns 
  • Items without maintenance records 
  • Duplicates of the same item, like that extra AC unit 
  • Removal of defective equipment 
  • Refrigerant recapture, reclaim and disposal
  • Breakdowns caused by improper installations or repairs, insufficient maintenance, rust, corrosion and sediment and mismatched HVAC systems


Included in ShieldPlatinum + Real Estate plans:  

Permits and correction of code violations 
($250 or more per agreement term when required during a covered repair/replacement) 


See the plan agreement for coverage details, including service fees, limitations and exclusions. Coverage limits and charges for non-covered items may apply. Coverage not available in all areas. 

Yes, if you are the owner of the rental property. You can easily purchase an American Home Shield home warranty for your rental property online at

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